I was working 룸알바 jobs that I hated, and realized I was good at finding and selling vintage, but did not know how to make that on a larger scale. Well, maybe that is not the whole story, but I am blessed and so rich with my life of loving vintage right now, because I am working 3-4 days a week as a sales assistant for Little Wicked in NYCs Lower East Side. I get to bring friends to A Little Wicked to have private style sessions, and also get to know the old and new vintage lovers that are a part of the amazing clientele at the boutique. Their East Williamsburg furniture shop requires a visit in person if you would like to see the best and latest of their inventory.

First-time visitors to the store are often deceived by their tiny street-level storefront. When you arrive in Provincetown, you will come across yet another collection of shops directly down Main Street, including Time Tunnel Antiques, Scott Dinsmore Antiques, and Yesterdays Treasures, making Provincetown a very worthwhile place to visit. The nice thing about downtown Sandwich is you can park and walk around exploring the antique shops around the area. The Downtown Brewster neighborhood is one of the best places on Cape Cod for antiquing, as you can park your car and explore numerous stores in no time.

Along Route 28, you will pass Simply Vintage of Cape Cod in Centreville, then continue to West Yarmouth, home of The Antiques Center of Yarmouth, which, with more than 100 dealers on-site, is one of Cape Cods largest antique stores. Hand-in-hand with Live is the sizable selection of historical items, many available for purchase at the antique stores of Cape Cod. Founded by Julia Johnson and Jade Moisan, Le Centrepiece specializes in high-quality, vintage 20th-century furniture and decorative items. Urban Americana is the definitive Long Beach destination for vintage furnishings and home furnishings.

We have 40+ different dealers, all with their own collections of furniture, antiques, and home decor. Over 40 different dealers. Today, Highland Row has more than 40 dealers who are always scouting out antique contemporary furniture, artwork, lighting, decorative accessories, fashion, and much, much more. It is a dealers job to know the difference between an expensive antique item and a dusty, used-looking hunk of trash. To find the best deals, antique dealers frequent auctions, garage sales, eBay, thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets, and even Craigslist.

Pay depends on the number of items an antique dealer buys and sells, the deals he or she finds, the niche he or she specializes in, his or her customer base, their reputation, and his or her employer. Wherever many work, the purpose is the same: find, assess, purchase, and sell antiques. Then there are those who are unwillingto be owners, but instead want to work inthe operations of the vintage clothing industry – for example, as sales associates at vintage boutiques, or, as I am about to explain here, in the buying-selling retail chains such as Platos Closet or Buffalo Exchange. Antique dealers may set up their own antique store, engage in antique restoration, or get jobs with auction houses such as Christies, Sothebys, or Bonhams.

It is wise to get an apprenticeship with an auction house, art dealer, or antique store. Some knowledge and experience of selling, reselling, and/or antiquities, and in the retail setting is preferred. Perhaps working in a vintage boutique can be a potential weekend or side gig, fueling your passion, but also learning the finer points of the vintage fashion industry sooner. Vintage clothing stores have a need for low-cost, quick access to their inventory–store buyers do not always have the time to deal with separate consignment shops or to take days of scrounging for pieces on their own.

The good news is there are tons of vintage furniture stores that can help, particularly less-known ones that have cropped up online in the last two years. Brooklyn-based business and life partners collaborate to find timeless classics, with a conviction that homes should be shrines, and buying vintage helps to preserve Earths as well. The Betsu Studios team digs through the dustiest of thrift stores, estate sales, and auctions to deliver an exquisitely curated, carefully chosen furniture collection in every style. The best part is that you can buy on-site, on Etsy, or on Depop, then pickup in-store for an even better time-saver.

Long Weekend is passionate about giving items second lives, and connecting shoppers with ethically made furniture that can help you make a house into your home. Palm-American Vintage will probably end up being one of Juliano Torress favorite shops. Wisteria Antiques is especially noteworthy, as Wisteria Antiques feels more like a museum than a shop, thanks to being located in a Victorian house, complete with period furnishings and decorations. Keep in mind, antique stores tend to cluster together in historic parts of every city, so wander around and see what you can find.

Brass & Copper Shop offers services for antique dealers, collectors, restoration specialists, and homeowners. Community Warehouse (CW) also operates two estate stores, which sell selected donated items in order to support our mission and to get the community involved with buying for the cause. Community Warehouse (CW) has been recognized as one of the top 100 nonprofits in Oregon by Oregon Business Magazine over the last 5 years. These regular events are what drives Gray Eras founders sales, so she can source amazing vintage items from New York for low prices, which she can then resell for profit.

With a Portland showroom that is open every weekend, Midnight Sunlight by Sunny Preston is an excellent destination to find the most contemporary pieces as well as beautifully restored antiques.

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