Man of the West Cowboy Book
Man of the West Book

Man of the West Cowboy Book

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Stories, Poetry, Musings and Ramblings by Montana's Singing Cowboy and Cowboy Poet TJ Casey.

From the publisher's description:

Man of the West takes you on a journey through time and throughout the country from Alaska to Montana. TJ Casey's poetry and stories take you back to the good old days through today as he shares the ways and thoughts of the modern day Cowboy. His poetry will motivate, amuse and entertain you. Complimenting the book are a collection of photos, quips, musings and the periodic profound ramblings.


“The West” may be only a mystical phrase to you...a fantasy caught in the web of your childhood movie memories. Or it may be a place and a lifestyle you’re intimate with. Fit either of these profiles, or fall anywhere in between, and you are guaranteed to enjoy TJ Casey’s new book MAN OF THE WEST. Ride along the river of TJ’s words and experience it for’ll be glad you did!

-Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns