Artist in Residence Programs

TJ participates in several Artist-in-Residence programs in the States of South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada to name a few, each year.



"I believe in our roots and heritage, and I've got a story to tell.

We all need to stand up and protect the traditions and legacies we've inherited. I want to be an image for kids to look up to, and hopefully instill in them this same love of country and customs I know and respect. Without our heritage, our children lose focus.

Without our children's focus, we lose our world."

-T. J. Casey


St. Joseph's Indian School - Chamberlain, South Dakota


Nye County School District, Nevada

As a retired school principal who served as an arts council liason to our local schools, I had the pleasure of attending the Code of the West presentations by TJ Casey and Jimmy Reader during three consecutive school days in two different elementary schools.  Their music and message were very well received by students and staff alike, as they were at the community concert also.  These gentlemen are the "real deal" and I recommend them highly.  You will be glad to have them for a presentation in your community! 
Selway L Mulkey, Principal (retired),
Nye County School District, Nevada.



To schedule TJ for your Artist-in-Residence visit, please use any of the following contact links below: 


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