Music Reviews

“Of the stars and superstars of country music pictured in the Hall of Fame in Nashville that graduated from the Louisiana Hayride, we still make no claim to being able to predict who is going to be a star, but if there is any justice, TJ ought to be one of them.” 

David Kent, President - Producer - The Louisiana Hayride

“T.J. stands out as a top-notch songwriter, historian, and keeper of traditional values. Many of his appearances are in schools and other venues where his persona does more than sell his wares. He touches lives...”

“I would recommend TJ Casey and any of his musical endeavors to all of you who may be seeking a pure talent, filled with a genuine desire to contribute to the preservation of music in its purest forms.”

“Casey is a solid baritone that is equal parts Hank Thompson and R. W. Hampton, but a copy of no one. Casey's songwriting savvy matches his delivery. Keep an eye peeled for the album and the artist. Venues and festivals surely will choose to "ride the river" with TJ Casey!"

Rick Huff - Host/Co-Producer - The Best of the West Revue

“You offer the type of talent that patrons would love to have back year after year. The warmth in your singing style is perfect for the family style entertainment we like to showcase. Your professional attitude and reliability helped us to provide quality entertainment.”

Sherilyn Dunning - GM of Fremont County Fair & Rodeo, Riverton, WY

“If you're looking for some excellent swing music, don't miss this. There are some nice ballads too, but I was immediately attracted to the original swing tunes... ...If you're looking for music that moves you (right out onto the dance floor,) give a listen to this album.”

OJ Sikes

“TJ is a high energy entertainer and has a complete repertoire of humor, songs and poems. He engages the audience with his performance and keeps them highly entertained. He is an excellent guitar player and singer and aside from being enjoyable to listen to he is fun to watch and he is the real deal.”

Deb Sustrich - Sagebrush Cowboyography Association